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Ambulance service is the first phase of the medical care sequence and therefore is a bona fide area of medical care. Ambulance services currently are provided through a variety of ownership patterns, including voluntary, private and government operation. We can help navigate the complex regulatory framework and create a structure for you to succeed as an ambulance provider.

To operate an ambulance vehicle in Texas, proper licensure is required. The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, can help you with a variety of matters including:

  • Obtaining all required state and federal approvals
  • Defense before any state or federal agency as those needs arise

Ambulance providers are facing increased scrutiny and challenges to the claims they are submitting. We can help you appeal any overpayment determination and help ensure that you maximize collections on properly submitted claims.

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Our lawyers represent clients in evaluating overpayment and throughout the overpayment determinations process, appealing whenever necessary. We do this through thorough preparation and putting together evidence and documentation to support the client’s claim.

The stakes are high in the overpayment appeals process. When a claim is brought to this process, the amount is usually so high it could create serious damage to the company’s business — if not put the company out of business. We understand what is on the line for our clients, and our attorneys dedicate the hard work, preparation and legal skill needed to accomplish the most successful outcome possible.

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Our attorneys are highly experienced in evaluating and handling health care administrative claims and matters. At any stage in the process, we are prepared to intervene and protect your interests — even if you have previously been represented by a law firm that did not have your best interests at heart.

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