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Texas acupuncturist’s practicing license is in jeopardy

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2015 | Medical Licensing |

Medical professionals, even those with more holistic approaches, can be held to strict medical licensing requirements, which are implemented by state laws. For example, Texas has licensing steps for those aspiring to be a dentist, doctor and more.

However, such licensing is a privilege. Those who receive medical certifications are held to a high standard of practice. If one makes errors in the treatment of patients, this could compromise his or her license.

For example, the Texas Medical Board licenses acupuncturists in Texas. The same agency regulates those who have been licensed. Practitioners are monitored and any reports of misconduct are tracked and documented.

The acupuncture process involves several needles, and patients are frequently told to relax during procedures. Many patients are soothed by the sounds of relaxing music, and it is not uncommon for some to drift off into a light nap. This is what happened recently to one patient, who fell asleep while she was at her local acupuncture facility.

When the woman woke up, she was surprised to find no one there. In fact, the woman was locked in the business establishment. The medical professionals and staff were no longer there. The music went off, and the woman could not hear anyone. Moreover, the vehicles outside appeared to be gone.

The disoriented patient woke up, with needles in her body, on a treatment table. After yelling for help, she was forced to pull the needles out herself in order to move.

After the incident, the treating acupuncturist was shocked. He could not believe that he forgot his own patient. This was a first for him. Moreover, the acupuncturist, licensed in 1994, did not have any history of disciplinary actions against him.

It was all a simple mistake, and after the incident, the doctor’s patients continue to trust him. One patient notes, “He’s helped a number of people I know. He’s very well thought of.”

While the incident has not really affected the patients’ opinions, such actions could affect the acupuncturist’s license. Moreover, the incident might compromise the doctor’s professional reputation.

If you have been accused of professional misconduct, it helps to have a license defense attorney on your side. A simple mistake could interfere with one’s ability to practice. Even when a doctor has support from patients, as in the aforementioned case, the licensing board could have a difference of opinion regarding the professional’s ability to practice. To learn more about what you can do to protect your professional certifications, speak to a lawyer.