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2 root causes of compliance issues in healthcare

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Health Care |

Anyone working in the healthcare industry should already understand the importance of regulatory compliance. Aligning your practice with current laws and regulations keeps patients safe and protects you from legal issues.

Compliance issues can occur even when healthcare professionals think they have been diligent. Understanding common causes of breaches helps you prevent them before they occur.

1. Lack of training

Human error represents a leading cause of compliance issues. Changing technology paired with updates in policies and procedures means healthcare workers may easily find their knowledge outdated. If you manage a healthcare facility, providing training allows you a way of refreshing your staff’s knowledge.

No matter what your role at work is, stay aware of changes that might alter what best practices you should use. Keep up on current Texas laws and regulations so you remain in the know even when things change.

2. Not considering compliance as a step in every process

While healthcare workers rightfully consider patient care as their first priority, regulatory compliance also requires consideration in everyday tasks. Often, employees think of compliance as someone else’s job and fail in considering it until an issue arises. Having a plan in place for handling any potential breaches in compliance and fostering communication across departments creates a mindset focused on preventing issues throughout the facility.

The consequences of a compliance issue in healthcare range from fines to legal action against health professionals. While regulatory compliance involves careful attention to detail, revisiting the basics of staff training and communication helps reduce the likelihood of serious problems arising.