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How nursing homes can help keep their licenses

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Health Care, Medical Licensing |

In Texas, the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities licenses senior care facilities. Having a license allows these facilities to continue to operate and provide care to the people who need it. However, certain circumstances can cause a nursing home to lose its license, with devastating consequences to both patients and the medical professionals who work there.

Here are some ways Texas nursing homes can help ensure that they provide excellent care to their residents and keep their licenses.

Investigate possible abuse right away

If an employee suspects abuse directed at a nursing home patient by another employee, it is in everyone’s best interest to investigate the situation immediately. Not only can abuse cases jeopardize a long-term care facility’s license, but physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse can cause lasting trauma to victims and their families. Employees can take the initiative to report and ensure a speedy investigation into anything they see that does not look right.

Comply with all safety standards

Maintaining a clean, safe environment for everyone is essential for ensuring healthy residents and the continued operation of the facility. One notable safety standard is having enough staff members present to provide each resident with the proper care and medical attention. Keeping a sanitary environment is another standard help to all medical facilities.

When staff do things that jeopardize a senior care facility’s license, it is bad for everyone who comes into contact with the facility. Fortunately, adhering to some basic guidelines helps nursing facilities keep their licenses and keep their residents safe.