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Texas Attorney For Health Care Professionals

Dealing with regulatory requirements, contracts, third-party providers, Medicare and Medicaid payment issues, and government organizations and laws can be a costly distraction for health care professionals and business owners. The cost of mistakes can be extremely high, both personally and for your business.

I am attorney Alejandro Mora, and I am uniquely qualified to help you deal with the legal issues you face so you can spend more time focusing on your business goals. My law office is located in Austin, where most of the state and federal agencies that regulate Texas health care are located.

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Offering A Comprehensive Range Of Services

The following pages provide examples of the legal services I provide:

Additionally, I help business owners with the acquisition and sale of health care companies, handling all aspects of the transaction from initial due diligence to takeover and operations. Finally, I have advised a variety of providers on starting their own practice/facility; have provided “turn key” services, including obtaining all necessary licenses, accreditation and/or certifications; and have served in a general counsel role for those providers, overseeing all of their legal needs.

Representing A Wide Range Of Clients

Clients I regularly represent include:

I handle urgent needs as they arise for my clients, with particular focus on transactional, administrative and regulatory practice areas. I strive to develop long-term relationships with my clients to serve all of their health care law needs.

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