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Pharmacy License Defense FAQs

At The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, I am proud to have over a decade of experience with pharmacy license defense work. Here are a few frequently asked questions that I have seen as a pharmacy license defense attorney.

What are the next steps after I receive a notice of complaint or investigation against my pharmacy license?

The complaint notice informs you that an investigation will be carried out, so it is time to start considering your legal options. The Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) may set up an initial meeting or discussion, which you will attend. This is also a good time to contact an experienced legal professional like myself, and I will assist you with scheduling, documentation and every other step in the process as you defend your license.

During the license investigation, can I keep working as a pharmacist?

Normally, yes, you can continue to work during this process. You are only prohibited from doing so if the TSBP suspends or revokes your license. This typically happens after the investigation, but there are rare cases where an emergency injunction will be used, meaning you have to stop working immediately. This is typically only done when the board thinks there is an ongoing danger, which is not the case with many complaints.

What evidence will I use in my pharmacy license defense?

Evidence is a crucial part of supporting your pharmacist license defense. It may include personnel records, financial records, video evidence, electronic evidence – like email messages – any record of disciplinary history and potential witness statements. In some cases, expert witnesses can be used.

Once the Texas State Board of Pharmacy makes a ruling, can I appeal?

Yes, you can appeal a ruling made by the TSBP if you believe it was made in error. An appeal will consider the way that the law was applied to the already-established facts of the case.

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