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Attorney For Physician License Defense In Texas

Years of studying, residency and practice can all be undone if your license comes under threat from the Texas Medical Board. It is imperative that you move quickly to retain a Texas medical license attorney if you come under investigation.

The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, represents doctors and licensed physicians in matters involving health care licensing and medical board investigations. We aggressively defend clients whose practices or services fall under scrutiny by the medical board. We are located in Austin, in close proximity to the Texas Medical Board.

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Defending The Careers Of Medical Providers

The key point in any medical license defense case is to protect yourself and your livelihood from the beginning. Often, physicians do not take state medical board investigations as seriously as they should. Many doctors prepare their own response to inquiries. This could be a costly mistake. The board’s response could be unhelpful at best or detrimental at worst.

Attorney Alejandro Mora can help you prevent a situation from worsening, turning into a debilitating administrative procedure. Examples of the types of allegations we can defend you against include:

Understanding The Medical Board Investigation Process

  • Notice: The medical board will send you notice of an investigation. It will be seeking information to establish whether there is cause to warrant further investigation.
  • Settlement conference: An informal settlement conference (ISC) will be scheduled. This is an informal hearing at the medical board office. The board’s attorney and various panel members or leaders could be present. We will present a compelling response to the allegations on your behalf.
  • Board decision: At the end of the ISC, the board will give a decision. It will either dismiss the case (which is unlikely) or present you with an order to settle the investigation. This is essentially a settlement agreement in which you will have to comply with unfavorable and onerous conditions. And it will be made public.
  • Possible lawsuit: If there is no settlement, the board can file a lawsuit with the State Office of Administrative Hearings. This will be similar to a civil lawsuit, with discovery and hearings in front of an administrative judge.

Medical Board Investigations Are Unfair — You Need Protection

Any order proposed by the board is sure to have substantial sanctions. It will not be fair. You will be under its scrutiny. It is best to have a lawyer on your side. These investigations are serious and we advise our clients to consult with us at the earliest stage possible.

Regardless of when in the process you seek legal advice, Texas medical license defense lawyer Alejandro Mora can step in and represent you. We will work with your best personal and professional interests in mind. Our goal is to preserve your medical license and minimize any restrictions or penalties.

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