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Texas Attorney For Medicaid And Medicare Contract Revocations And Suspensions

Medicaid and Medicare provide vital sources of income for medical providers and health care companies in Texas. If these contracts are threatened by suspension or revocation, it can have catastrophic ramifications for these businesses and the professionals who work for them. Even the investigation process can be trying, as Medicaid and Medicare will often withhold full or partial reimbursement until all hearings and appeals are complete.

If you need help with a Medicaid or Medicare contract revocation or suspension, The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, can assist you. From our law office in Austin, we serve health care providers in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio and throughout Texas. Call us today at 512-937-1128 for a free initial consultation.

Skilled Health Care Lawyer Serving All Of Texas

With a decade of Medicare and Medicaid experience, our firm is positioned to provide health care businesses served with suspension and revocation notices with direct attention from a knowledgeable lawyer who will give them the immediate advocacy they need.

We will collect and submit the documentation necessary to retain your Medicare and Medicaid eligibility and help you navigate the appeals process in an efficient manner. We will work tirelessly to prevent you from losing the Medicaid reimbursement that you rely on to make your business successful.

Our representation is beneficial in any type of suspension or revocation situation, including those caused by:

  • Failure to meet Medicaid administrative requirements
  • Failure to file appropriate documentation
  • Currency bond issues
  • Fraud allegations
  • Overpayment issues

Our practice is not limited solely to those who face suspension or revocation notices. We routinely counsel businesses on Medicaid matters before they encounter issues with the Medicaid program. We help these businesses develop compliance systems that minimize the likelihood that they will face notices of revocation or suspension in the future.

Attorney Alejandro Mora can help you deal with many issues that can affect your business, including:

Attorney Alejandro Mora will provide you with the individually tailored solutions you need to resolve these and other health care administrative law matters now, and help you establish systems to avoid future issues. With a decade of experience behind us, you can feel at ease in knowing you can count on the experience of lawyer Alejandro Mora.

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