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When patients experience less-than-ideal outcomes from their medical treatments, they often assume that it is the fault of their health care providers, health care facilities or other medical professionals. Patients can claim that standard of care issues ranging from failure to obtain informed consent to negligent conduct led to harm that could have been avoided.

Claims can put blame on nurses, doctors or other health care professionals, citing differences in treatment, misdiagnosis or failure to properly care for patients. Unfortunately, patients often can fail to realize that certain situations will never be able to have ideal outcomes, even when providers offer the best care possible.

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Protecting Health Care Professionals In Texas

If patients raise these issues by filing complaints with licensing boards, health care professionals are forced to spend time, effort and money justifying their actions. With your job, livelihood and professional reputation at stake, it is of paramount importance to turn to a Texas medical licensing lawyer with a history of success in license defense matters involving standard of care issues.

With my years of experience, bilingual skills and compassionate legal advocacy, I am more than capable of protecting your practice and livelihood in issues of standard of care and license defense.

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As the founder of The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, I have spent many years protecting the licenses of physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and many other types of medical professionals throughout the state of Texas.

My primary focus is on the area of health care law and medical license defense. I am familiar with the processes used by the Texas Medical Board, the Texas Board of Nursing and other professional licensing boards as well as the laws, rules and procedures that govern license defense.

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