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Legal Counsel For Texas Physicians And Physician Groups

Physicians and physician groups are unique health care businesses in that physicians are both the owners and the products. They also face unique challenges such as dealing with reimbursement cuts, decreasing revenues, and increased regulations and costs due to compliance issues.

Unfortunately, most physician groups lack resources such as compliance officers and in-house attorneys to deal with these issues. Instead, they must deal with business and legal issues on their own, as well as function as doctors for the patients they serve.

I am Alejandro Mora, a health care attorney who understands the needs of physicians and physician-owned groups. My clients often come to us unsure of how to navigate the murky waters of health care business law. I step in and provide effective and sound legal advice and advocacy.

If you’re a physician who owns a health care business, consider working with a trusted health care lawyer to provide for your legal needs. From my office in Austin, I serve doctors and physician groups in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio and throughout Texas. Call 512-937-1128 for a free initial consultation.

Working Together On Legal Issues Affecting Doctors And Doctor Groups

I can guide you through all of the challenges you face. My practice is broad and addresses a variety of licensing, regulatory and transactional issues. I works personally with clients to understand how he can best shape his approach to meet their goals.

I know the health care industry – I am familiar with the needs of physicians and physician groups in particular. My practice focuses on helping you with the key issues you face. I can help in negotiating, structuring and reviewing employment agreements, especially noncompete agreements, to protect against overly broad or restrictive provisions.

Also vital to your business is the need to obtain hospital privileges and establish and maintain peer review and credentialing. I can address these needs at the front end of your business development, as well as provide ongoing advice and review for compliance.

Meeting Needs By Exceeding Expectations

Here are examples of just some of the legal issues I can help you address:

  • Help secure reimbursement
  • Address revenue problems and pitfalls
  • Negotiate real estate transactions
  • Hire key employees
  • Draft and negotiate employment contracts
  • Understand and manage regulations
  • Comply with Medicare and Medicaid requirements
  • Respond to Medicare or Medicaid fraud allegations and investigations
  • Project future goals and look at ways to maintain long-term regulatory compliance
  • Develop strategies to market and position a clinic to gain clients
  • Form business relationships with private insurers and negotiate the contracts
  • Address all medical licensing issues
  • Provide license defense for other staff and employees
  • Purchase and sale of physician practices

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