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I am attorney Alejandro Mora, and for over 10 years, I have handled all of the legal issues encountered by an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities continue to see increased demand and need. At the same time, the state is aggressively regulating and monitoring these facilities to ensure the safety of their residents.

Helping With Your Facility’s Everyday Challenges

Each facility provides medical and personal assistance for residents who might otherwise be helpless if living alone. A facility must be licensed, and can provide only those services that are specifically listed on the license. The facility must comply with health and safety laws, and is subject to strict requirements regarding how the facility is operated.

I assist the facility provider in the main challenges that they may encounter in:

  • Licensure and regulatory compliance: Complying with the accreditation standards and defense in any administrative matter including with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability
  • Litigation defense before the state attorney general

An assisted living facility must be licensed as a Type A, Type B or Type C facility. A facility’s licensure type is based on the capability of the residents to evacuate the facility or the types of services the facility provides, or both, as described by statute.

A facility provider must provide certain services like meal preparation, laundry, hygiene and so on. Additionally, the facility provider is also required to abide by the record-keeping requirements per Texas law.

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I can help you navigate this complex regulatory framework and defend you before any state or administrative agency so that you can focus on your business and on providing quality care to your residents. I am the strategic partner you can rely on to handle all of your legal needs.

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