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Nurse & Doctor License Defense FAQs

At my law firm, The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, I believe that the more you know about your legal options, the greater your chances of success, so here are some of the questions I see most often.

If I get a complaint against my medical license, what should I do next?

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) should provide you with the complaint notice, after which you should learn as much as you can about the upcoming process. This process is governed by the Texas Medical Practice Act (MPA). There are strict regulations and procedures, so it is very helpful to work with an experienced legal professional to determine your next steps.

Am I still allowed to work during the investigation?

It depends on the decisions made by the Texas Medical Board. They often seek a temporary suspension – which may happen right away – if there is a risk to the public and/or other patients. No two cases are the same, so the TMB evaluates the claims, the evidence and all other factors of the case to decide what is best in that situation. You may be allowed to work if there is no risk.

What type of evidence can help defend my license?

Gathering evidence is a crucial part of the doctor license defense process, and this evidence could include medical records, patient records, billing statements and more. The testimony of an expert witness can also be beneficial in determining proper standards of care.

What happens at a license defense hearing?

At a nurse license defense hearing, both sides present their arguments and evidence. You can refute the evidence against you, which is why gathering your own supporting evidence and working with an experienced medical license defense attorney is critical.

Can I appeal a decision about my license by the Texas Medical Board?

Yes, you can appeal. This is done in the Travis County District Court if you believe they made a mistake or that the law was applied incorrectly.

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