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Texas Attorney For Physician Noncompete Agreement Disputes

The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, represents clients who need to assess their noncompete clauses or who are forced to litigate the terms of a physician employment contract. We also represent employers that wish to understand their options related to former employees who violate noncompete clauses and cause the employer to suffer damages.

We work closely with our clients, both employees and employers, to understand their goals, interpret the contract in question, and provide invaluable support and advice.

Call 512-937-1128 for a free initial consultation. From our office in Austin, we draft, negotiate and litigate noncompete agreements for doctors and physician groups in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio and throughout Texas.

Legal Counsel For Noncompete And Nonsolicitation Agreements

Under Texas law, a physician’s employer must contractually provide the physician with the option to pay the employer for a release from the terms of a noncompete clause. Specifically, the noncompete clause must allow a buyout at a reasonable price or as determined through arbitration. If a noncompete agreement does not include a buyout clause, a court will not enforce the agreement against a physician.

Physician noncompete agreement lawyer Alejandro Mora advocates on behalf of physicians and physician groups throughout Texas who are seeking to enforce an agreement or argue that certain provisions are invalid. He will offer you a straightforward assessment of the clause at issue in your situation and advise you about what course of action to take to meet your goals.

By taking time for a consultation, you can find out about contractual protections that will allow for a job where you have control over your environment and a smooth transition out the door, should the time ever come for you to move on. If you find yourself forced into arbitration or mediation due to a contract dispute, our lawyer can provide you with knowledgeable, effective representation.

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