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Texas Attorney For Physician Employment Contracts

For physicians and their employers, finding the right fit, the right location and the right wage can be challenging. Once you make a decision, negotiating a precise, mutually beneficial employment contract is all the more crucial.

The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, is a health care law firm that understands the interests and legal needs of physicians and physician groups. We often represent health care employers who require up-to-date, legally enforceable employment agreements for physicians and other health care staff. Our understanding of employment contracts from both the employer and employee standpoint allows us to craft strong contracts that are valid, comply with industry regulations and fairly reflect the agreement of the parties.

Our services are especially beneficial to new doctors who want a lawyer to review their employment agreements prior to signing. Our contract review services are offered on a flat-fee basis at a competitive rate.

Call 512-937-1128 for a free initial consultation. From our office in Austin, we draft and negotiate employment contracts for doctors and physician groups in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio and throughout Texas.

Physician Agreements For Employers And Employees

Every term in an employment agreement can be crucial to a positive employment relationship, but physicians should pay special attention to the following provisions:

  • Duties of the doctor and hospital or clinic: You should understand exactly what your employment entails, especially with regard to how much work you are expected to do. Many doctors leave positions they considered a perfect fit due to unhappiness with work scheduling.
  • Compensation: Know how much you are going to receive in compensation, but more importantly, know if there are circumstances where your employer will not pay you.
  • Termination rights: If the employment relationship sours, it is vital to have the ability to terminate the contract.
  • Restrictive covenants: Noncompete clauses and other restrictive covenants in a contract must be carefully scrutinized to ensure compliance with applicable law and regulations.
  • Insurance coverage: Employment contracts may try to force the burden of insurance onto your shoulders, but a shrewd negotiator can help you get a better deal. Beware of the word “indemnification.”
  • Professional expenses: You should negotiate who will pay for professional expenses such as conferences or continuing medical education (CME) credits.

It is important for doctors and health care entities to address these and other matters related to physician employment contracts before offering or signing a contract. The assistance of a physician employment contract attorney can be beneficial in conducting contract reviews, identifying potential pitfalls in the agreement and finding solutions to avoid these issues.

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