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Texas Attorney For Nurse And Physician License Defense

As a health care professional, you know how vital it is to obtain and maintain your license to practice. Whether you need certification, accreditation, licensure, enrollment or professional license defense, attorney Alejandro Mora has the experience to represent you.

We are located in Austin to be close to the regulatory boards that oversee health care professional licensing. We serve doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio and throughout Texas. Call 512-937-1128 for a free initial consultation.

Helping You Obtain And Defend Your Medical License

If you are having trouble obtaining the proper licensure for your medical profession, our team may help you navigate the legal procedures successfully. Additionally, our attorneys provide dedicated medical license defense to health care professionals in Texas. If a legal issue is putting your licensure or an employee’s licensure in jeopardy, we will stand by your side and build a case to defend your practice.

We assist physicians and other professionals facing issues such as:

Whether you’re a health care professional or a facility in Texas, we have the experience you need to obtain and protect the licensure necessary to run your business and maintain your practice. From keeping your staff’s credentials current to making sure your business is running according to regulations, lawyer Alejandro Mora can assist you in your health care licensing matters.

We provide vital counsel and defense services to health care professionals. We help clients obtain licensing through the applicable state and federal agencies. We coordinate long-term strategies and plans to address ongoing compliance issues. When licensing trouble arises, we defend clients in front of licensing boards. We work to prevent licensing issues from causing sanctions or penalties. We provide effective nursing license defense to employees and staff as well.

We proudly work with all types of health care professionals throughout Texas, including:

Have you received a letter from your licensing board? To prevent unnecessary hassles and swiftly clear up any legal issues, it is vital for you to retain a medical licensing defense lawyer as soon as possible to prepare a strong case in your defense. The longer you wait, the greater risk you have of putting your medical license in jeopardy.

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