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More and more, durable medical equipment (DME) providers are being singled out among other health care businesses and targeted for investigation by Medicare. Recovery audit contractors (RACs) hired by Medicare look into the billing and claims that DME companies submit to Medicare.

The RACs are paid a percentage of what they discover in false billing and overpayments. That percentage rate was 12.5 percent and applied equally to all types of health care organizations. Recently, however, the rate increased to 17.5 percent for DME companies only. As a result, there is a higher incentive for RACs to go after DME companies exclusively.

Don’t be a victim of unnecessary scrutiny. I am attorney Alejandro Mora, and I can help you fight back against overzealous Medicare fraud investigations. From my office in Austin, I serve doctors and physician groups in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio and throughout Texas. Call 512-937-1128 for a free initial consultation.

Defending Against Accusations Of Durable Medical Equipment Fraud

I represent DME companies facing Medicare or Medicaid fraud investigations. Because DME companies are subject to a higher level of scrutiny, the best way to protect yourself is to work with an attorney who can help you fight back against allegations of billing mistakes, overpayment issues or fraud.

My fraud defense practice focuses on:

  • Preventing issues from becoming full-blown investigations
  • Providing excellent defense throughout the investigation process
  • Finding ways to eliminate or minimize any penalties.

Serving The Legal Needs Of DME Companies

In addition to defending against DME fraud, I handle a variety of other health care administrative, regulatory and transactional issues for DME companies. My goal is to provide comprehensive legal services to help my clients grow professionally and reach their business goals.

I work on all licensing matters for DME companies and for individual health care providers who must maintain professional licenses. Whether obtaining the initial license, complying with requirements long term or responding to investigations, I am able to help you with all your goals.

My firm also represents DME companies through business transactions involving purchases and sales of DME businesses.

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