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Attorney For Nurse License Defense In Texas

Investigations by the Texas Board of Nursing should not be taken lightly. A wrong step can mean losing your nursing license and your ability to work in your profession.

The Law Offices of Alejandro Mora, PLLC, is always prepared to defend nurses who have been targeted by the nursing board. Attorney Alejandro Mora has extensive experience dealing with health care professional license defense. He is an effective and aggressive advocate for nurses facing Texas Board of Nursing complaints.

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Protecting Your Nurse’s License And Your Future

The Texas Board Of Nursing can take your license away and prevent you from working as a nurse in Texas. Lawyer Alejandro Mora seeks to prevent consequences like these. He uses his thorough understanding of all health care and administrative issues involved, as well as superior negotiation and legal representation skills.

Our firm can help if you are under investigation by the nursing board for any reason, including:

  • Failure to provide care to a patient
  • Patient care violations
  • Intemperate use of drugs or alcohol
  • Chemical dependency/substance abuse
  • TPAPN violations
  • Theft of a patient’s opiates or other drugs
  • Failure to disclose criminal history
  • Documentation errors including falsifying documentation
  • Unprofessional conduct including allegations of patient abuse

If you are a nurse under investigation, the earlier you retain a lawyer, the better. The nursing board is an aggressive licensing board. However, with experienced counsel, negotiation and settlement are often possible. Attorney Mora has obtained successful outcomes for clients in these situations.

The Best Approach Is A Proactive One

The investigation process starts with the nursing board providing notice. The notice allows for a response. Many nurses simply provide a written response and assume it will go away. This is the wrong approach. Unfortunately, the board will use that response against you, if it can. At best, a written response will not help your case.

Our firm can represent your best interests from the start of a health care licensing investigation or if the process is already underway. Our goal is to prevent further escalation at each step. If we can work with you at the onset, we will seek to prevent an inquiry from becoming a full-blown investigation. If not, we will strive to protect your nursing license so you do not lose your job and can work to minimize other consequences.

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