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Medical marijuana arrives in Texas, but under high regulation

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Blog |

The medical field is constantly improving; new discoveries, better practices and technological advances allow you to provide the best modern healthcare for your patients. Recently, the health industry has explored the chemical THC, found in cannabis, as a possible treatment for some illnesses.

In fact, Texas has begun to dispense the first doses of medical marijuana to some epileptic patients. This event follows a long and difficult debate between its potential health benefits and the danger for substance abuse. Texas legislators, therefore, have taken a cautious approach within the Compassionate Use Act.

Low-THC prescription regulations in Texas

Currently, only epileptic patients may access this medication. However, the Texas Tribune points out how state regulations make obtaining a prescription intentionally difficult for most residents.

Prescriptions must receive approval from two doctors, both of which must be registered as Compassionate Use providers with the state. There are fewer than 20 registered providers so far, but the number is likely to increase if the treatments succeed.

According to the act, you must possess a few qualifications to register, including:

  • A valid medical license
  • A clinical focus on epilepsy
  • Relevant board certification in neurology, epilepsy or neurophysiology

Providers can only prescribe low doses of THC to permanent Texas residents who have already tried two other accepted medications. Clinics and hospitals will have to abide by several regulations in order to prevent fraudulent prescriptions and other issues.

The potential for medical license issues

Because this treatment is so new, legislators and providers may have to make adjustments to figure out how to best manage medical marijuana over time. Officials are likely to keep a close eye on these prescriptions and respond swiftly to suspected violations.

With any new law, however, people are bound to make mistakes. Providers who wish to join the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas should read all laws carefully to avoid putting their medical license at risk of suspension.