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Actions that will threaten a medical career

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | Medicare & Medicaid |

A suspension or revocation of a medical license is one of the biggest threats to a doctor, nurse or other medical professional’s career. It may seem difficult to believe, but even after spending years striving toward their goal, many individuals in the medical field let their license be snatched away.

These are among the many behaviors that can lead to a suspension or even revocation of an individual’s license. If that happens, it is vital to speak with a legal professional immediately. An experienced attorney will know how to work within the medical field and make the strongest case possible to defend a doctor or nurse’s career.


No one is immune from sickness or injury, not even those in the medical field. A major difference is that when a doctor or nurse’s prescription runs out, they still have relatively easy access to the drugs. This can lead to illegally swiping medication and addiction. Even a baseless accusation of chemical dependency can badly damage a medical professional’s career.

Providing inadequate care

Not doing right by their patients is one of the biggest fears of any medical professional. When this not only happens but leads to allegations that the doctor or nurse provided subpar care, it becomes a major issue. A misdiagnosis, exhausted staff members missing rounds or even unhappy patients expecting outcomes that simply weren’t possible can all be threatening to one’s future.

Intentionally hiding past transgressions

By law there is a rigorous background check when an individual applies for their medical license. While uncommon, sometimes elements of a person’s past may slip through the cracks. If that happens, the applicant must openly disclose what the check missed. Even an undisclosed misdemeanor can land a professional in hot water.

Running an unlicensed practice

It may be hard to believe, but many doctors are caught running unlicensed practices all together. There may be issues with local laws for doctors with practices in multiple states, or it may be the case that an individual forgets to renew their license. Remember, Texas requires renewal every 2 years.

One of the biggest threats to a medical professional’s career is having their license put in jeopardy. Even when it is for reasons beyond their control, their reputation and future may be tarnished. Do not be afraid to rigorously defend yourself if your career is threatened.