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Doctors, nurses face severe disciplinary actions for misconduct

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Medicare & Medicaid |

Health care professionals have always been in high demand, but even more so during the current COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the world. But even in times like these, some doctors and nurses face disciplinary actions that could lead to professional sanctions, including practice-related restrictions, suspensions and loss of their license.

As a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse or other health care professional, you worked diligently and with integrity to obtain and maintain your license, while helping patients recover from maladies that drastically affected their lives. But, now, you face a different kind of malady, fighting for your reputation and attempting to deflect any personal, financial and career consequences that come with it. When facing regulatory agencies, you must understand that the stakes are high.

Your professional license is at stake

When confronted with severe punishment from either the Texas Medical Board or Texas Board of Nursing, you cannot take anything to chance because your professional livelihood is at stake. Seeking legal advice is essential, especially if accused in matters such as :

  • Job-related mistakes, negligence and improper treatment in medical malpractice scenarios.
  • Criminal misconduct, including unlawful contact, tax evasion, Medicare fraud and theft.
  • Substance abuse, whether it is illicit drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol.
  • Personal misconduct that includes violating an employer’s code of conduct.

Faced with disciplinary action, you must protect your rights and preserve your personal and professional reputation. Your professional license is important to you, so it is important fight to retain it working with a legal ally by your side.