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When your entire career is at stake

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2017 | Medical Licensing |

Nothing sends a chill up a professional’s spine like realizing you are under investigation. You have not received the letter yet informing you of this, but you suspect a complaint has been filed against you.

What happens next is extremely important. You can be passive and wait to be informed, or you can be proactive and contact an experienced professional license defense attorney immediately. You can minimize the harm an investigation can do to your ability to practice, or you can mount a vigorous and effective defense.

It is easier to combat a complaint against you early in the investigative process than later. Investigations gather steam as they go forward. It is best to head them off at the onset.

Another common mistake is turning to your family attorney, in a matter that requires a deep focus on protecting your livelihood. That attorney may be trustworthy, but they may be out of their element in license defense.

Common reasons for investigation

  • Allegations of drug addiction or misuse of narcotics
  • Accusations that you provided substandard care
  • Falsification of credentials and other records, including criminal matters
  • Ignoring required credentials and other documentation
  • Inappropriate involvement with patients

We have worked with primary care physicians, pediatricians, subspecialists, medical technicians, midlevel providers, nurses, pharmacists and other licensed healthcare professionals. We can help you, too.

We cannot overstress the importance of addressing charges as soon as you are aware of them. Responding early in the process is your best chance of preserving your license and your livelihood.