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3 ways to improve patient care

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Blog, Health Care |

Dealing with industry regulations, contracts and other administrative requirements can make it harder to focus on your patients as a physician. But providing satisfactory patient care can improve patient outcomes and help prevent license issues.

Most people see a doctor at least once in any given year (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 83.4% of people in the U.S. saw a doctor in 2020). The following strategies can help you provide improved care to your patients during checkups and during treatment.

1. Communicate effectively

Use vocabulary your patients can understand during appointments. You should also set aside your personal reactions and provide clear medical advice free from bias. Doing this can help you start a dialogue with your patients and develop trusting relationships.

2. Set clear expectations

Make sure your patients know what to expect from their medical condition, especially in regard to healing and outcomes. It is important that your patients understand what a positive outcome looks like according to their situation.

3. Encourage transparency

Talk to your patients about their condition and resources they can use to help with the treatment or recovery processes. Answer any questions your patients ask openly and honestly without attempting to hide information or data.

Providing satisfactory patient care can not only help you reduce legal liability as a physician, but it can also encourage your patients to follow their health care plan. Establishing expected outcomes on both sides can reduce the likelihood of readmission and protect both parties from misunderstandings.